Shalom friends!

My name is Mottel Balestone. Wait a second, this is not the chair we were supposed to film in, is it?? Listen! What’s happening here? Who’s in charge here? I want the chair with the wings No! It’s not this one either! Who put this goyisher chair here? I know, now you’re just making fun of me What kind of studio is this? Yes. Thank you. Are you famous? Only 10 million views. Plus another half million or so on YouTube. Plus 9 languages… Not that I’m counting. I get recognized by all sorts of folks and they say “You’re the guy in that video!” “Can we take a selfie together?” So there we were – I’ve learned how to smile on request. I’ve been involved in Jewish outreach for over 30 years. This new form of evangelism that ONE FOR ISRAEL so effectively uses is really revolutionary in 2000 years. The ministry of ONE FOR ISRAEL is an extremely valuable one in effectively communicating to the world that Jesus is a Jew that Jesus is the Messiah of our Jewish people and that Jewish people are coming to faith in Messiah. In several different languages, but most notably in Modern Hebrew into all corners of the Jewish world. To a generation of young Israelis who are in communities that would frown upon their investigation of Jesus. Many of them have phones or tablets and are viewing the ONE FOR ISRAEL videos either in Hebrew or in English and are effectively being reached for Yeshua, for Jesus, the Messiah. If you want to be on the crest of what God is doing now the gospel of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah is going out from Israel to the world. It’s a revolution. It hasn’t been seen in 2000 years. God has raised up this ministry of ONE FOR ISRAEL for such a time as this. I would encourage you to support the ministry as they bring the Good News of Messiah Jesus to a very dark and needy world.

I am Mottel Balestone and I’m ONE FOR ISRAEL!

Choose Life, Avoid Hell


Please hear my prayer.

  • I admit I'm a sinner in need of a Saviour – [Romans 3:10 / 3:23 / 6:23]
  • I believe in my heart that Jesus/Yeshua is Lord – Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and rose again, paying in full the death penalty for my sin. [Romans 10:9-10]
  • I call upon the name of the Lord and I confess with my mouth Jesus/Yeshua is Lord and I believe in my heart the God raised Him from the dead, so I will be saved. For it is with my heart that I believe, and am justified and it is with my mouth that I confess and am saved. [Romans 10:9-10 / 10:13]
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