Jonathan Cahn’s Journey to Messiah

After Jonathan Cahn, who is Jewish, had a life-changing revelation about Jesus, he made a deal with God...and almost died! Hear the story of how Johnathan Cahn transformed from an Atheist-Jew to a Messianic Jewish Rabbi. I was dark, it was just after a snowstorm, and...

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My Husband Left Me, Jesus Found Me

My parents were not happily married. When I was about five years old. I would talk to God and I would say, "Dear God, I think you've made a mistake. I'm not supposed to be with this family." And I would talk like that practically every night because of my unhappiness....

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My Jewish faith in Jesus Couldn’t be Contained!

Zachariah Karp, take one. I grew up in the States, I was born in Washington D.C. to a Jewish father and to a non-Jewish mother. As a child, I was extremely outgoing. I loved people, I smiled a lot, I had a lot of friends, I mean, look at my face. It's approachable,...

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